Linking a domain to your server

This guide is for running an HTTP server that you want to link your domain to, through our reverse proxy.

To begin, you will need to get your numerical server ID (not to be confused with it's UUID). Your numerical server ID is a number. The easiest way to get this at the moment is on your server's manage server page where you can find the ID in the URL.

Ok great, now you have your server ID you simply need to add a CNAME record pointing to <your server ID> For example with my ID, 8787, I would point it at

You can set the name to @ to use your root domain name without any subdomain.

Getting a TLS certificate

If you want to be able to visit your site with HTTPS you need a TLS certificate.

We recommend you use Cloudflare for getting a TLS certificate, it's free and works great. Firstly if you have not already, you need to move your domain's name servers to Cloudflare by signing up at and setting it up.

Then you need to setup a CNAME record same as above but this time make sure the Proxy status option is checked.

But this alone won't work. Since you are now passing the connection through a proxy, we can't figure out what target you're connecting to, so you need to add a TXT record as well. This TXT record should contain bh-server=<your server ID>.

Make sure you have SSL/TLS Encryption Mode set to flexible. Now you should be able to visit your domain through an HTTPS connection in your browser.

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